A Job & A Deck

Today is Shan’s first day at his new job. He’s nervous, understandably so. But, he’s gaining 2 hours on every day, keeping his every other Friday off schedule, gaining a couple weeks of vaca time and he’ll be doing something really interesting involving survivability testing of military vehicles (if I tell you more, I’ll have to…). Quinn told me he’s incredibly excited to see his daddy more (yes, he TOLD me…he’s a genius, you know).

Since S had off for four days, he thought he’d throw together a 10′ by 28′ deck in his spare time with his dad. Could he be any more handy? While the boys were hard at wotk, Q and I had our first adventure. We went to my mom’s for an overnight and Q was ALL smiles (except for screaming in his pack-n-play–that boy isn’t a good sleeper when he’s not in his crib). We had a great time, but we were happy to get home to see Shan.

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