Ways To Torture Your Children

#1. Dress him in a Santa suit and have an impromptu photo shoot in the freezing cold propped against various Christmas-esque backdrops. Hey, it was fun for me!

OK, I’ll admit that once upon a time I thought those family photo Christmas cards were cheesy. Then came Quinn. Suddenly lots of stuff I thought was cheesy years ago has become fascinating, enjoyable and, dare I say…FUN AS HECK! Sooooooo…we will partake in the cheese this year (and probably the next 16–though his 16th Christmas card may involve us holding him down or luring him with cash). Here are just a couple shots that, I’m sure, will make it into the Blackmail Photo Album we can use when Quinn’s a teenager. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Ways To Torture Your Children

  1. OMG, Quinn is too cute! Especially the pic. with the big ‘ole grin. If it makes you feel better, Doug and I decided to be extra obnoxious this year and go with a card with all THREE of us on it. I’ll have to get you our address so we can have one of you three. 🙂Hugs, FT Robyn


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