I’d like to tell you about my mom…

She’s amazing. My mom is battling cancer for the second time with the grace of a ballet dancer. She’s about to “enjoy” her last chemo treatment just in time for Christmas (blech!) and I know the mere thought of it is overwhelming to her. Cancer is really an evil disease as anyone who’s ever been touched by it can tell you. But my mom is strong…strong physically (tho she may disagree right now) and strong of character and cancer doesn’t stand a chance against her.


One thought on “I’d like to tell you about my mom…

  1. I was lucky enough to meet your mom last year at your shower. I knew immediately where you got all of your wonderful qualities from. She had all of us tearing up with her gift, and was so friendly and warm.I watched my dear grandfather battle cancer for years too, and know how insidious it is. I will be praying for your mom through her remaining treatment. As AWFUL as I know it’s been, thankfully the finish line is in sight now…she is a STRONG fighter and I know she will WIN!


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