We rocked Quinny’s little world and he’s NOT pleased!

So, the Prince has been dethroned…or at least he has to SHARE his throne now and he’s not at all liking it. In fact, he’s so super-whiny, extra tantrumy, short tempered and needy. We both feel awful…since we’re the bad guys who did this to him. I know he’ll get over it and he won’t even remember life without Callum, but right now it’s tough. Shan and I want to make it all OK for him, but not coddle him at the same time. We miss his sweet little personality. We keep saying to each other…”people do this all the time and so can we”…it’s becoming our mantra and hopefully it’ll become a self-fulfilling prophecy! Heck, part of the reason we chose the name Callum is that, in Irish, it means calm and peaceful. OK, “we can do this”…

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