Age: 21 months…pushing 2!!!!

Weight: 30 pounds

Height: 37 inches (officially OFF the charts tall)

Favorite foods/snacks:
goldfish crackers, of course. Loves pancakes and turkey sausage for breakfast. Loves chocolate milk and also “lemma-lemma-lemma-lemay” (that’s lemonade). Not a HUGE meat fan, but pretty good with his veggies…broccoli is big. ANYTHING dipped in ketsup is edible. He loves yogurt for desert.

What you like:
He’s a total boy. His favorite thing in the world is to be outside digging in the dirt with sticks and running his tractors around in the mud. He’s come to love Tucker and calls for him when he’s not in sight (“Tuckuh, aaahhh yoooooooou?”). He’s starting to love his brother (on his terms) and tickle him at random and ask for him. He loooooooooooves all 5 of his grandparents, his Aunt Tanya and Uncle Keith and of course Colbee and BJ (pronounced “Coh-Bee-Jay”). He adores his daycare mom Kerrie and her kiddos. He loves naming everything he sees. He likes hearning bedtime stories about Prince Quinn and Prince Callum and has started using them as procrastination tools!! He loooooooooooves Caillou the cartoon and his Thomas trains. He loves to dance and can really shake it!

What you don’t like:
The word “no”. Fish. Having his face wiped off after meals.

New things you’re doing:
This child never ceases to amaze us…the other day he saw a fire hydrant and said: “fire hydrant, fire truck, water, hoses”…he leaves out the words that don’t matter, but he totally puts things together! He’s starting saying much of the alphabet and he can count to 10.

New Words:
Too many to name. This kiddo is a talking fool.

Favorite Books:
5 Little Monkeys, anything Elmo, his ABC book.

Favorite Toys:
Thomas trains, anything construction…diggers, tractors, you name it. Dirt. Lamby and Bear are especially important and well loved. He loves his instruments…anything making noise.

What size you’re wearing: Diapers 5 but in Overnites – 5 or 6; Pants: 2T or 3T, Shirts: 3T; Shoes 8


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