Just Some Musings About Quinn…

Sometimes I look at Quinn and think, “how did God know he was the PERFECT kid for us?” Because he is and he amazes us everyday. Here are a few of his recent quirks/tricks/funnies.

  • He says/sings, “I feel good, na-nuh-na-nuh-na-nuh-nah” (good pronounced “goad”)…little James Brown.
  • He’s started to ask, “what are you doing?” and to say please and thank you on his own. “sank-oooh-mommy” and “uh-weh-come”
  • He wants to be with his brother and is very concerned if he’s not in sight–“Cammuh-Murphy…I see him?”
  • He knows his full name and his brother’s and is starting to know his address.
  • He learned to “TACKLE!!!!!” at Colbee & BJ’s last night…wish we had our camera…he was hysterical running full speed at someone.
  • He thinks dirt is the BEST ever (as did I when I was a kid…same with Shan). He can have an acre of grass and he chooses the small dirt patch in which to do somersaults…love it.
  • He must have all his friends in his crib with him…and they are: Lamby, Other Lamby, Dog, New Dog, Bear, Gloworm, Little Blanket, Other Little Blanket, Big Blanket, and Nemo. And on occassion: Ray-Ray, Lumpy and his brother’s Lion lovey.

Of course I could think of a million more things to list, but I was just thinking of these this morning. I love that boy more and more every minute. So does his daddy. And we all love Callum just as much. Wow, we’re lucky.

2 thoughts on “Just Some Musings About Quinn…

  1. So I come here to see what’s new and after reading the first sentence above I get all weepy. Yes, you are lucky and Quinn is so your boy. I love all the names for his crib friends. Other lamby is just too original – I hope he doesn’t have a complex.

    xoxo Donna


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