Guess I should post about this too…

This summer/fall has been really fun, but tough too. My mom has (had?) a recurrence of the lymphoma she had 2 years ago and this time it needed a far more serious treatment. Bone Marrow Transplant. And she needed it fast…too fast to go to the donor registry and find a 100% match. So after LOTS of testing between me and my aunt, I was chosen as her donor.

The testing leading up to the bone marrow harvest was grueling, but nothing compared to the chemo and full body radiation my mom endured. She also had to move in to Johns Hopkins housing for her treatment. They took 2.5 liters of marrow from my hip bones and left me completely depleted. They sent me home that evening (and shouldn’t have) where I lost conciousness multiple times. I ended up back in the next day for more fluid and a blood transfusion (my own thankfully). Mom’s recovery was sooooooooooo much longer and again, grueling. She was at Hopkins from August until the beginning of November when they finally let her go home and continue care with her own oncologist. She officially has my DNA and immune system….weird and miraculous, huh????

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