Undone, Unfinished and Ugly.

I thought about putting this list in a spreadsheet so we could dutifully check off each line item.  But that would be private..a list on the fridge for just us to see.  And what fun is THAT when you could air dirty laundry publicly?

So, this is our little list of the undone and unfinished projects around the house.  DIY gone wrong.  I’d LOVE to get them (most of them? some? a few? ONE?!) finished before warm weather and CAMPING SEASON!  Let’s go top-floor-down…

  1. Master bedroom—touch up paint over the patched and sanded spots on the wall from a wiring project gone awry.
  2. Master/hall bath—install, putty, caulk and paint crown moulding.
  3. Master/hall bath—reinstall a fan in the potty room.
  4. Office—rip out fugly, but comfy carpeting and install remaining bamboo flooring.
  5. Office—finish installing (puttying, caulking, painting) cove mouldings around closet.
  6. Upstairs hallway—think of a creative and attractive (which is asking a LOT) way to transition awkward base mouldings.  (Then putty/caulk/paint…heretofore known as “PCP”)
  7. Main entrance/hall—finish caulking and painting trim.
  8. Living room—recaulk where the trim contracted from the dry air and broke the caulk seals.
  9. Dining room—PCP the new trim expertly applied by the Palmer Crew (thanks Dad and baby bro Keith!)
  10. Dining room—repaint the walls above the wainscoting chocolate brown and the actual wainscoting white.
  11. Kitchen—paint the pine trim by the trash can.
  12. Kitchen—lay a new, high end, classy, peel-n-stick “tile” by the dining room door where the current one is peeling up and detracting from the class act.
  13. Kitchen–install pocket door hardware on the pocket door.
  14. Laundry room—paint above the wainscoting gray.
  15. Laundry room—paint the wainscoting white (after a coat of primer)
  16. Laundry room—create and install a counter for above the washer/dryer
  17. Laundry room—install 3 new doors (apparently the 70s slab hollow core, faux wood doors are no longer “in”)
  18. Laundry room—replumb the washer
  19. Powder room—remove white and pink sheet linoleum (also no longer “in”) and replace with the classy peel-n-sticks.
  20. Family/Play room—reclaim a little of it.  Why do the kids get the only room with the fireplace?  Buy a sectional (to replace the perfectly fine one we sold on Craigslist to turn the room into the playroom).  Reconfigure the monster IKEA shelving thingy.  Buy a rug.  Make a fire.  Read a book.  Sip hot tea.  Blah. Blah. Blah.
  21. Hallway to kiddo rooms—replace base & door trim (then PCP it)
  22. Hallway to kiddo rooms—fix track to sliding closet doors
  23. Callum’s room—clean, paint & organize his HUGE closet
  24. Callum’s room—rehang blackout roller shades
  25. Quinn’s hallway—replace/fix track to sliding closet doors.
  26. Quinn’s hallway—replace small closet door.  Paint all doors.
  27. Quinn’s hallway—Paint all doors.
  28. Boys’ bathroom—hang the ceiling plates back up over the gaping holes.
  29. Screened porch—finish screening it
  30. Back patio—dig out a whole mess’a pavers and add more sand.
  31. Under screened porch—rip out railroad tie wall and replace with cheapo, but heavy duty wall blocks.
  32. Under screened porch—install (or HAVE installed) concrete pad.
  33. Basement—install new back door

Okey dokey.  I’m gonna go faint.

But before I do, let me just add insult to injury….install new hardwoods throughout entire house, finish basement, gut and redo the boys’ bathroom.  Umkay…that’s all.


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