Mouse Poop

Yup.  I said mouse poop.  We have a bit of a mouse problem.  99% of which is in our attic.  Occassionally we can here them up there building their fortresses, stockpiling thier little mousey weapons and plotting their coup d’etat against the current government (um, that’s us humans).  But then they’re quiet.  They enjoy keeping us on our toes. 

Honestly, we haven’t given them much thought.

But an embarrassingly long time ago a little while ago, Shan did a wiring project in Callum’s closet and we left the holes he cut in the ceiling drywall open for a ridiculously long time a bit.  Well, those mice found the holes and a few of them made their way into Cal’s packed to the gills with crap and never used perfectly organized closet.  Fast forward and I’m organizing and find a dead mouse…accompanied by screams and shrieks etc.  Wash some of the boys stored clothes and find another dead mouse when I transfer the “clean” clothes to the dryer.  OMG….eeeeeoooooohhhhh!  So, I washed a dead mouse.  Awesome.  Needless to say those clothes went right back in the wash, mouse free, for the sanitary cycle.  Twice. 

Back to the closet.  Dear Shan patched the holes and put some mud over the patches…I followed up with 2 more coats of mud.  And I cleaned up the mouse poop that was ALL OVER the closet.  Now, since Cal turned 2 a couple months ago, his clutter toys have been breeding like a pack of wild rabbits.  We NEED this closet now.

So, project of the week (month?) is to clean the closet from top to bottom with bleach or something equally caustic (while Cal is NOT in there obviously), sand the drywall mud/patch, paint the entire closet, move our master bedroom dresser into the closet, hang up all his clothes that are shoved into piles in various spots throughout the house and move in the toys.

The left side…LOTS of room for toy storage.  What color should we paint in here?

Right side of the room…will put a dresser below the hanging rod.

The patched hole where the little rodents got in…they just dropped in…like Air Force dudes on a recon mission.

And maybe one day we’ll mobilize our forces and overthrow the Mouse Brigade in the attic.

Maybe.  We’re scared.


2 thoughts on “Mouse Poop

  1. You know I hate those little fuzzy butts of fury. I'd be in that attic sending them to the fortress of no return. However, I'd ask Shan to clean up the icky carnage, cuz that just causes more sheaks and stuff. Which reminds me it's time to set some traps – just incase. Furry little turd leaving rodents. Hate THEM!!!


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