I got a few inquiries about the color of our living room when I posted a pic on FB.  I went spelunking in the basement to locate the old paint cans and get the color names.  I figured I’d try to find them all so I could have a log of what we’ve used in case we ever want to repaint the same colors.  Here goes.

LIVING ROOM & KITCHEN (and Callum’s room and the boys’ bathroom):  walls are Ralph Lauren’s Shoreline Blue & ceiling* in the living room is Ralph Lauren’s English Tan (*if you have white crown moulding, always paint your ceiling something other than white to make it pop…otherwise what’s the point of an architectural feature that disappears?  And speaking of mouldings…my dad and baby brother ripped out all the old BORING 3″ clamshell mouldings and installed all the new stuff around the doors/windows etc.  Want your own?  They’re for hire!!). 

Gosh that’s a boring corner…what to do to liven it up??

Dining Room: Ralph Lauren’s Manchester Brown.  So deliciously chocolately, it’s tough not to lick it.  (Yes, we’re those people with a plastic tablecloth over our gonna-be-ruined-in-no-time Pottery Barn dining set–we have little boys, what do you expect?)

Playroom/Family Room: Clidden’s Granny Smith Apple.  Super fun color, but it won’t be here long…planning a “take back the only room with a fireplace” coup.

Quinn’s Room: blue is Ralph Lauren’s True Blue, the red stripe is Ralph Lauren’s Derby Red.  I have to do more digging to figure out the top color.

Laundry Room: Behr’s Gentle Rain.  This is the best, most ethereal gray ever…so peaceful.  And who doesn’t need peace when they’re doing 10 loads of laundry a week?  Obviously, we’re not done painting–that’s not some trendy new painting technique or anything.  (FYI–dad and baby bro also did the mouldings here and the wainscoting…looks AWESOME!  Remember, they’re for hire!)

Guest Room/Office: Behr’s Mountain Haze.  Super calming green/gray…love this color.  Was a GREAT color for Quinn’s nursery before he moved to his big boy room downstairs.

Master Bath: Behr’s Calming Space.  Do you see a theme here with the “calming” colors?

Master Bedroom: Behr’s Gobi Desert (or is it Dessert? You know…the arid place with all the sand).  Seems much darker in real life vs. these pictures…it’s very warm.

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