Our Big Vacation of 2011 — Sept. 18-24.

Epic fail with a few bright spots.  The only proof (pictures) are the bright spots.

Towed the camper to Ocean City, MD along with my in-laws who also have a BIG camper.  Schools were back in session, so the crowds were gone.  The water’s still warm in September and the weather is usually bright and sunny with no humidity.  Notice I said “usually”.  It rained.  And rained and rained and rained.  We considered hitting Home Depot to see if they had enough lumber for an ark.  The campground flooded…standing water at the front door of the camper.  And, you know, “camping” in a 30 foot camper with bunkbeds, a queen bed, full kitchen, bath, sofa, dining area…it’s pretty awesome.  Until you’re stuck inside with 2 preschoolers for 144 hours.

Whatever.  Anyway.

We made the absolute best of it.  Had a WONDEFUL 5 hours at Assateague to play in the surf.

And we did get some semi-clear weather (no, we didn’t…it was spitting most of the time…but it wasn’t a downpour so we stayed…I mean really, what’s more important eating a monstrous bucket of vinegar drenched Thrasher’s fries or getting rained on?) to do the boardwalk.

 My loves.
 (doesn’t matter what time of year, the OC, MD boardwalk is always good people watching…oy!)
 Seriously, this boy??  Loved every ride…did the “look ma, no hands” thing over and over. 
 On the other hand, my rather conservative man wasn’t so hot on the rides and preferred the games.
Then, when we didn’t think we could tolerate another drop of rain, we decided to go home a day early.  The boys donned their headphones in preparation for the movie marathon.  
While we *may* go back to OC, MD…maybe…it probably won’t be for a while.  A long while.  But the glimmers of fun we had (go-carts, rides on the boardwalk, kite festival, Gram and Pop renting a golf cart to ride around the campground, getting a half bushel of steamed crabs…and generally just spending time together) were priceless. 

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