Simple Gift Giving…t’is the season.

Parents: do you ever feel like you’re drowning in primary colored plastic toys?  That one day the ridiculous collection of Little People you’ve amassed will come to life and destroy the world (or at least your house) zombie apocalypse style?  Do you have nightmares about the Laugh and Learn Puppy stealthily covering your face with a pillow while gleefully singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes? 
Don’t Let his cuteness fool you.
Yeah.  Me too.
I read a quote on Pinterest that I loved:
This recession won’t be over till we raise a generation that knows how to live on what they’ve got.

Can I get an AMEN(Dad–are you reading this? Are you proud?)

We are a generation of credit card debt…of debt in general.  Debt we can’t pay back at the end of the month.  Rolling balances.  Multiple cards.  Lines of credit.  Buying stuff to have more stuff.  Because I want it.  Or my favorite: because I deserve it.  And often, for some temporary happiness/excitement, we get financial migraines, stress and arguments.  Raise your hand if you can identify with any of that.  I know mine is raised.  I can look around and count off dozens of “things” we needed.  Do I regret spending the money?  Not always.  Sometimes I do when I think, “I really thought we’d use that more”.  Or if I think, “that money could be in my son’s college account accruing–if we’re lucky–a little interest”. 

So, this long winded rant is to say…

With Christmas 2011 looming large I’d love to adopt this very cool way of gifting, especially for kids (read the link, it’s good stuff)

The Rule of Four:

  1. Something they want
  2. Something they need
  3. Something to wear
  4. Something to read.

Awesome, huh?  Focus on quality and thoughtfulness, not quantity.  After a week (or for my boys a day) the novelty of that toy may wear off, but they’ll spend hours pretending the box it came in is a rocket ship or a bulldozer…or a bulldozing rocket ship.  Will we still go overboard sometimes?  No doubt. 

Sure it’s fun to get gifts (and to give them)!

I want to teach our kids to appreciate the things they get and the people who give them. 

And when they’re inundated with stuff for the sake of more stuff, there’s no way they can do this.  No way. 

I’d rather not be on a first name basis with Lucy, who does the pick-up calls for Purple Heart (but I am). 


One thought on “Simple Gift Giving…t’is the season.

  1. I would add a number five.
    Something homemade that can be consumed. Maybe this is more for the adults on the list, but don't we all enjoy special treats with any holiday? Especially when you can appreciate the love it takes to make/bake them. Appreciative of someone's time & thoughtfulness, now isn't that a lesson kids could learn.


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