Here’s how I feel about immigration. Because I realize you’re dying to know.

I’m a big NPR listener.  90% of my time in the car (sans kids) is spent listening.  This morning I’m listening to the politicians rant back and forth about their views on immigration.  Some of them make me say “yeah”!!!  And others make me sick to my stomach.  Here are my views.

(Disclaimer: I know jack about the laws…so I don’t claim to even understand how this stuff works)

Are you coming here to make a better life for your family?  To work hard, pay taxes, be a law abiding general all-around good citizen, maybe send money back home to your family?  WELCOME!  I’ll drive your boat, fly your plane, drive your car, give you food and water as you walk a million miles to get here.  I think we should make it a million times easier for these people to get legal status and bring their families with them too so these kids aren’t missing their daddies (mommies, grandpas, whatever).  Do I demand that you speak English when you get here?  Um, no…I’m not an asshat like that.  Do I hope that eventually you’ll be able to communicate enough to get by?  Sure.  It’d be helpful, for you and those you’re trying to communicate with.

Are you here to run drugs, do sneaky terroristy stuff and generally be a total flipping yahoo?  Go home.  Forevah.  No boats, planes, cars or drinks for you.

Is that over simplified?  Uh, maybe.  I’m pretty simple though. 

I’m a mutt.  French, German, Scotch Irish, Cherokee…what am I missing…something.  Aside from the Cherokee who kinda had dibs on this place first, every person in my (totally unknown) history came over some some foul smelling, rickety old wooden ship…the earliest of them risking their very lives just to GET here, to this New World…to make a better life for their families.  Did they all know how to speak the Queen’s language?  Haha…that’s funny.  But they made it.  At least enough for them made it that I’m in existence. 

So, immigrants?  I welcome you!  I wish we made it easier for you to get here legally! 

And I wish I could speak YOUR language.

‘Cause that would be cool.


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