For my birthday, I went to a Ball…

Yep.  Since I’m a princess (hehe) and all…

OK, so the whole fam went to The Storybook Ball at the Please Touch Museum in Philly with a big group of dear friends.  Quinn dressed up as the Cat in the Hat and Callum was the Tin Man (he is OBSESSED with the 1935 Wizard f Oz).  We had a BLAST, but the part I loved the best was seeing all our kids play together.  See, I have this amazing group of friends scattered all over the country.  I met them through a parenting board online and we’ve become so close.  We saw each other through the cruel world of infertility and we all emerged on the other side with our kiddos…whether through IVF or adoption.  And many of us remain friends.

So, several of us descended on a friend’s house in Philly for a BIG sleepover after the Storybook Ball.  Had a blast…





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