Picking Schools…

I guess we always knew picking a school for our boys would be a BIG decision.  But I don’t think either of us knew it was going to be SO TOUGH! 

I always wanted to send my kids to public schools (in spite of and because of the fact that I did 12 years of parochial school).  And when we moved to our area, with what I heard were GREAT public schools, it was cemented.  See, I did 12 years of Lutheran schooling and vowed never to do the same to my kids.  I really didn’t like it…even when I was little, in elementary school, I didn’t like it for a multitude of reasons.

Fast forward to picking a school for our “baby” and everything changed.  We visited our public school and…well…not so much.  The facilities were beautiful…but when we asked (during our tour–which everyone at the school thought was so weird–why are your touring your public school!?) the Vice Principal how discipline and bullying are handled, he got huffy and responded, “parents need to realize that a push in the hallway is NOT bullying…”  And then he walked away.  Um, exsqueeze me??!!

Then we toured 3 parochial schools…one Lutheran, one Non-denominational (but attached to a Baptist church) and one Catholic.  And we also toured a Quaker/Friends school.  We liked the Catholic school the best of the parochials, but we fell slightly in love with the Quaker one.  Of course sending our kids to the Quaker school would have been the financial equivalent of buying a very nice new car every. single. year. for the next 15 years.  Can you say “goodbye college fund?”  We tried for financial aid, but just didn’t get enough to swing it.  5 schools down, no closer to the right one.

Then…THEN…a couple teacher friends told me that if we intended on using the boys’ current daycare for before/after school care during elementary school (yes, we will!), we might qualify for a boundary exception to attend the public school in the daycare’s area.  Toured that public school…loved it!  It had that small-feeling, nurturing, loving environment that we wanted.  Applied, was approved.  Done. 

Huge sigh of relief. This kid is going to thrive at this school…I just know it.

One thought on “Picking Schools…

  1. Woo-hoo!!! Can I borrow you to investigate the schools in my area 🙂 PLEASE 🙂
    Q will do great at his new school, I just can't beleive he's gonna be in “real” school!!!!


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