We’re Adopting!

…a dog.

We lasted 8 months.  It was 8 months ago that we had to put Tucker down.  It gutted me.  I SWORE…”No more dogs! I can’t do this again!”  Famous last words? Oh yes.  I mean really…

Truer words were never spoken Anatole.

So, we’re going through the process of adopting a lab from the local Lab Rescue organization.  We kept trying to consider other breeds…or mutts.  Logistically it would be MUCH easier to have a small(er) dog.  Not like ankle-biter small…just smaller.  And we really wanted to adopt a dog vs. going to a breeder for a puppy or (GASP!) one of those hideous puppy stores in malls that get their pups from disgusting puppy mills.  But, we’re just lab people.  So we applied and were accepted last week.  We were REALLY picky about the kind of dog we want, so it may take a LONG time to find the right match for us, but that’s OK.  Wish us luck!


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