Disney Baby!!

Ready to go to the airport!

So, we went.

I thought, “I’m sure it’ll be cool and all, but Disney Schmisney”.  I didn’t grow up on Disney movies or characters (I grew up on Meuslix and other tree-hugger stuff).  I knew we would take the boys…seems like a little kid rite of passage these days. So, when my boss said, “we’re going on a teambuilding retreat, you pick the spot” how could I resist!!??  Luckily our board of directors was good with it!
We woke the boys up at some ungodly hour and surprised them with matching Disney t-shirts and Mickey backbacks full of “quiet on the plane” goodies.  We picked up my in-laws (who are total Disney-philes) and headed to the airport.  A teeny bit of nerves from Quinny on take-off, but otherwise flying was a BREEZE and very fun for them (and ME–whereas I’m usually toss-my-cookies-anxious).
Ready to roll!
We checked in to the Port Orleans French Quarter and loved it there.  I HIGHLY recommend as it’s the smallest resort that’s sort-of affordable, so everything you want to do is close, close, close!  And it was just a great place.  We did pool time, a day at Magic Kingdom, a day at Animal Kingdom, a half day at Typhoon Lagoon water park and some time in Downtown Disney too.  I spent a half day doing the Keys to the Kingdom Tour with my work peeps…VERY cool tour!!!

After kind of poo-pooing the money-marketing-monster that is Disney, I was SOLD.  Seriously, hook, line and sinker.  It is TRULY magical.  I should clarify…it is TRULY magical to experience Disney with 3 and 5 year olds.  Shan and I went with my job 10 years ago and we were both very “eh” about it.  But with kids??  Fuggedaboudit!!

The week we got back we started planning our next trip down.  Soon kids, soon!

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