Still Dreaming

I wish I knew where the idea originated. One day The Man and I said to each other…”let’s buy a camper”. So, fast as lighting we scoured Craigslist and found a Jayco 23B that looked clean (the owners were upgrading…because that’s what happens when you buy a camper, it’s inevitable) in Binghamton. We drove up, made the deal and towed it back down to Maryland.  It was a GREAT little camper for us. Perfect really.


But then we were compelled to upgrade (it’s what happens, remember?).  So, we upgraded both the camper AND tow vehicle (read: hemorrhage money) and ended up with this setup:


Now, THIS ONE is even perfecter (word) for us. Until it won’t be anymore.

Enter the DREAM. We’ve had plenty of reminders lately (and in the not-so-recent-past too) that life is short and health is fleeting…that if you have a dream, to chase it NOW.  So our dream is to purchase a class A RV (a bus-sized one with bunk beds) and hit the road for a year with our kids.  We’d like to “roadschool” them, see this great country and, if possible, both work part-time from the road too.

Now, let’s see if we can follow our own advice about dream following…

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