Baby Steps

The dream is still alive. And we’re now trying to take some steps to making the dream happen. The Man is searching high and low, north to south, east to west, for a job in his field that he can work from the road. But we both suspect that he may have to do some contract work to make this happen (engineering) and that will be a leap of faith for us (not having a steady income and employer supplemented health insurance). Not sure what I’ll be able to do from the road yet. But the wheels, they are a’turnin’.

Our baby step for now though, is selling our camper. (Insert sad face.)


At Point Lookout State Park.

It’s on Craigslist and we’ve had a boatload of hits on it but only a few to come see it. The last couple that came seem really interested. The husband said “I doubt there will ever be another used camper that’s in quite this condition…it looks new!” And it does. It’s perfect. We’re anal. So, we’re hoping the deal works out. I think they’d take good care of our baby. When we were cleaning out all our belongings to detail it, we were both in tears. Amazing how you can become so attached to inanimate objects…that’s unusual for me. But our Rockwood symbolizes so much more than some fun camping trips. It was in this camper that our dream was born…

rockwood pic 2

Tuckahoe State Park.

So…baby steps.