The New Baby

You know, I think we’re going to have to name this thing.


Our new-to-us Georgetown 379

We came full circle. This is the first motorhome floorplan that piqued our interest…in the earliest stages of adventure-planning. Also the EXACT motorhome…turns out it was still for sale. We started talking to the owner (again) and everything started moving very quickly. In, what felt like, no time flat we had our airline tickets to Tampa FL to go “see” this baby. We were fairly certain we’d be driving it home. And we did.

What a shakedown trip that was…from just above St. Pete’s in FL to northern Maryland. We sure did work out some kinks including, but not limited to, a massive gushing and terrifying leak in the bathroom shower, entry steps that decided to stop working and the glass turntable inside the microwave flying out and shattering all. over. the. damn. place.

But we made it. He and I are good adventurers together. The kids LOVE it. It has a separate ROOM with bunk beds. Not bunks in the hall, like most. A ROOM (the size of a rather small closet, but still) with a door.

See that triangle? There are bunk beds in there!

See that “walk-in-closet” triangle? There are bunk beds in there!