Spilling the beans


Yup. We spilled ’em.

Telling people that we intend to sell 95% of our belongings, quit our jobs, pull the kids out of traditional school, live in the motorhome and hit the open road indefinitely elicits all kinds of responses. So far they range anywhere from “you’ve lost your ever-lovin’ minds” to “OMG, I’m so jealous…take me with you”. Happily, the VAST majority have been supportive and excited to follow our upcoming adventure.

Telling our family has been the hardest. Mostly. Telling my dad and step-mom was easy-peasy. They’re nomadic Airstreamers at heart, having done similar to what we’re planning a few years back. And they intend to get out west with the Airstream again soon. So, they were ALL IN. Telling my mom and Shan’s parents was a bit more nerve wracking. I mean, my mom, newly widowed, uprooted her life in another state to move 5 minutes away from us (and her grandsons) and here we are planning on taking off. Sheesh! And to Shan’s parents, their grandkids are everything to them. So, we tried to tread as lightly as possible when we spilled the beans. But as one would expect of awesome, loving parents…they’re responses were wholly supportive. Of course they have had plenty of questions…some of which we can answer, some we can’t (like, “when will you be near *insert desirable geographic area here* so we can come visit!?”). But…as someone I loved dearly used to say…”More Will Be Revealed”.

Next up will be spilling the beans to our employers. Oy.