Fixer Upper

While the RV was mostly “move in ready” when we brought her home, we knew there were things we were going to want to fix and upgrade. And boy oh boy have we been hard at work dropping money on her. Here’s what we’ve done so far…

  • 6 brand spankin’ new Michelins. She had yet to get new tires and on a rig that’s 7 years old, it was time. Holy cow…that was a lot different than buying a new set of 4 for a little hatchback. Whew! But, for safety’s sake, it was worth it.
  • New awning and front door. Sudden gusts of wind are not your friend when the door’s open and the awning’s out.
  • New custom upholstery on both the captains chairs AND the sofa. The old stuff was black (too dark!) and all peely and yucky. The new stuff is completely swoon-worthy.

IMG_7309 IMG_7314










Soooooo pretty.

  • New mattress for the pull-out sofa.
  • New Bed-In-A-Box queen mattress for the master bedroom. I’ll let you know what I think after it actually gets used, but I suspect I might be in love.
  • All new hydraulic lines to power the slides. After years of use, apparently those lines can blister. So, again for safety, Shan decided to replace them all.
  • New magnetron for the microwave. Whoop-ti-doo. But when the micro stopped HEATING anything, it was time for a new magnetron.
  • New parts for the innards of the vents/fans in the ceiling.

What we still need to do is get a new kitchen faucet and a new showerhead and figure out storage…what will go where. The IKEA closet organizer thingy I bought didn’t fit in the master closet. Leave it to me to measure width and height but totally forget depth. Meh. Back to the drawing board. I was also thinking I’d recover the dinette cushions…but I kinda don’t feel like it anymore. I took down all the window cornices too…will be reworking and reupholstering those guys.

Our first scheduled outing is for 4th of July weekend. We’d better be done by then!