Homeschooling- week 1 report

I have this brilliant friend who homeschools one of her kids and is, generally, an education genius complete with both the Ph.D. and the life experience. Once we got the notion to travel full-time, she was instrumental in helping me find the confidence to give this whole homeschooling thing a try. Between her and the ridiculous amounts of research I did (and continue to do—daily) I felt like I was getting my sea legs.


And then we actually DID the homeschooling—Week 1. Whew! Is it tough? Yes it is. Do I have a new appreciation for my children’s public school teachers (and All The Teachers Everywhere Throughout Time)? Yup. This is not for the faint of heart. Especially if you have a “push back, transitions suck” personality to teach. But seriously…it’s SO COOL to be an active part of their education…more than just homework struggles.


Here’s our VERY loose, VERY general routine:

Plenty of morning playtime and reading. Math using Math Mammoth. A bunch of language arts stuff–Wordly Wise, Handwriting Without Tears, Explode the Code and Bravewriter’s Partnership Writing and Jot it Down. Completely loving the Bravewriter stuff—very project based. A little science stuff a few times a week (hello Bill Nye!). Friday Free Writes. I have a bag full of writing prompts and they chose one and take their journals wherever they’re comfortable to write whatever they want about that subject. Field Trip Fridays—will focus on the National Park System’s Jr. Ranger program for loads of social studies, history, geography, geology, astronomy, art and more. Still working on how to incorporate music…unless…does having Pandora on ALL DAY qualify? No?


While there are lots of breaks in there, the general consensus from the mamas on the homeschool forums and my smarty friend is that we’re doing a LOT…maybe too much. The point of homeschooling is not to recreate regular school at home…the point is to have the flexibility to NOT sit at a table quietly and do worksheets and lesson books. I’ll loosen up a bit—just still so new. Things will also look much different once we move into the Airstream and start the ROAD part of road schooling!

Tomorrow starts week 2 and I’m feeling really good about it. Fingers crossed!!

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