Field Trip Friday – 9/9/16

Not only was it Field Trip Friday, it was also our first visit to a National Park site. We hit up Hampton National Historic Site in Towson, MD. I’ve lived around the corner from it most my life and had never been. The boys were very hopeful that they’d get their very first Jr. Ranger Badges.

Built as the county seat just after the Revolutionary War, the property encompassed most of what is now Baltimore and the surrounding areas. The stories of the people who lived on this property, both the unbelievably wealthy family/owners and the hundreds and hundreds of slaves, are remarkable.

The boys and I took a guided tour of the mansion with a few other grownups. I worried that it would be painfully boring for kids, but Quinn and Callum were fascinated the entire time and asked lots of questions. They were particularly enamored with the chamberpots. Boys.

We had our Jr. Ranger workbooks to complete as we toured. Lots of interesting things to learn about American history. Finally, after about 5 hours of learning (our longest homeschool day yet) we hit the visitor center to turn in the completed books. Happily, the guys got not one Jr. Ranger badge, but THREE each! Nice way to start a collection.

If you’re in the area, it’s absolutely worth a visit.


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