Janes Island State Park—Crisfield, MD

One of the nice things about homeschooling is that we’re not tied to camping only on “days off school”. Janes Island State Park has been on our list for a long time, so that’s where we headed on Friday, 9/16. We got a late start and it took us over 3 hours just to get to the Bay bridge (should have taken 1) so we ended up pulling in at 10pm and threading the needle through two closely spaced live oaks at the front of our campsite in pitch blackness. Between the “POP” and “SQUEEE” of our Equalizer hitch and me calling out directions in the dark (since Shan couldn’t see my expert hand directions), I’m sure we woke the whole loop.

When we woke to actually SEE our surroundings the next morning we wondered why it had taken so long to visit this park. GORGEOUS. We were in site 10 which is electric only and very private. The sites right along the canal had beautiful water and sunset views but were more open to the surrounding sites. The bathhouses are brand new and crazy clean. We were happy to meet a fellow Airstreamer and chatted with him for quite a while.

The boys enjoyed lots of bike riding and Vader got loads of walks. They had a great little nature center and we learned a bit about the eastern shore of MD. On Sunday we rented 2 tandem kayaks and had a nice long paddle out to a boat-accessible beach to play in the Chesapeake Bay. Turns out we’re all kind of in love with kayaking (which means I’m now shopping for 2). Quinn almost didn’t go but decided he would have missed out on his new “most favorite sport” if he had stayed back. Callum loved it so much he fell asleep on the paddle back. Sound asleep.

If were were staying in this area, Janes Island would become one of our “regulars”. But it’ll soon be time to head for warmer climates.

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