Moving out and moving on.

We got “the offer” on our house almost exactly 2 weeks after it went on the market and we switched into inspection mode. So. Many. Inspections. Our well failed. Jerk. We had to have 550 gallons of heavily, burn-your-flesh, chlorinated water force pumped down into the well until it overflowed. Then we had to run the water on for an hour, off for an hour for DAYS, while not actually using the water for anything we NEEDED it for—like showers, laundry. All this was SO convenient in the throes of downsizing on this insane scale. Our mantra became “it is what it is”. Anyway…annoyance aside, the well final passed and all was…well. We were to close on the house on Wednesday, October 19th so we moved into the Airstream the weekend before. (A tip to anyone planning on doing something similar…when you “finish” purging and you’re patting yourself on the back for having so little, take heed…you ain’t done yet. We still needed to purge more to fit in the Airstream–and frankly, we could use to purge again after living in it for a few weeks).

We’ll miss this house and property but Shannon is reeeeeeeally looking forward to not mowing for a long time. 

Since we still had a few big events we needed to stay local for, we just moved a half hour up the road to a brand new military base campground. It was a great way to get our full timing feet wet while being in a familiar place with our support network. We were there from October 16th until November 4th…and then we started our southern migration.


2 thoughts on “Moving out and moving on.

  1. I think you might be my doppelganger. 🙄
    We got an offer the same day but have not closed yet. Our inspection was a joke. It came back with 63 things on it like fire ants on the ground. Welcome to Texas! Then the appraisal came back $20k low so we split the difference. In our neck of the woods, everyone pays over appraisal die to a sellers market. Funny, the inspector and appraiser were friends of the agent. I guess she forgot the more it sells for, the higher her commission. Anyway, we are in the trailer, 43 miles away (for a couple of yrs until retirement) & like you, it’s comforting. We are about to purge again 😂 Forunantly we’ve ordered a larger trailer. Unfortunately, we still have a full storage room. I love your blog!


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