Our first in-Airstream birthday.

Callum turned 8—November 3rd! This child. He is as hysterical as he is challenging…as loving as he is piss’n’vinegar…as creative as he is obstinate. He is extremes. And awesome. And EIGHT!

First up in an almost week-long celebration was a playdate with loads of buddies at a local park (it was also the boys’ “bon voyage” party). Many thanks to those of you who came out to say Happy Birthday and So Long. These were HAPPY boys to spend the afternoon with the friends they already miss bunches.

We also had lunch with Nona and Poppi at the camper, dinner with Grandma, Peter, Aunt Jane and Bob at a Steelefish Grille in Bel Air and dinner with Grammy, Pop, Aunt Tanya and Uncle Blair at Texas Roadhouse, where (of course) Callum took a birthday ride on the bull.

The eve before his birthday we decorated the Airstream so he’d wake up to a festive birthday morning. Oh, and we cancelled school. Because we can.

Happy birthday little man. You’re such a cool cat.


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