Savannah, GA – Skidaway Island State Park


I’ve never been able to say the word Georgia (or Savannah) without using a southern drawl. I’ve also never seen Gone with the Wind (which, apparently was supposed to be “set” in Georgia). No matter, we were looking forward to checking out all the history of Savannah. First though, our campground.

Following so many campers and full timers on Facebook and Instagram, I’d been reading  about Skidaway Island State Park‘s awesomeness for quite a while. We were hoping it would live up to our expectations.

We pulled in and the Ranger told us to pick any site we wanted that didn’t have a reservation tag attached to the post. Found a MASSIVE pull through site with excellent hammock trees (our one eno hammock quickly turned into two during the week). Also found that the State Park was hosting a Food Truck Festival so we walked up and had some amazing cuban food for an early dinner. Winner winner chicken dinner. OK, pork, it was pork.


The park has a great little nature interpretive center with lots to learn about the local flora and fauna. For example, this entire ground sloth skeleton that was excavated nearby. That’s a SLOTH guys!!! A prehistoric(ish?) sloth. Yikes! Plus there are turtles, snakes and this 2 year old alligator. We also enjoyed the nature trails and biking trails…first family trail ride was a success.

I would HIGHLY recommend a stay at Skidaway Island State Park to any and all campers…tent, RV and they even have some REALLY swank looking (non-rustic) cabins. Pro tip: if you’re having a hard time getting a reservation (popular campground—often fills up) you can set an alert to be emailed if someone cancels. You need to have a Reserve America account online to see the link to set up the alert (you can find the link on the page that comes up and says there are zero reservations available for the dates you chose). I (accidentally) set up 3 alerts and all 3 got hits saying there was an opening. WOOT.



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