December in Tampa, FL – Part 1

Since my mom lives west of Tampa in a super cool little town, we decided to stay the entire month of December in nearby Oldsmar at Bay Bayou RV Resort to spend some good time with Grandma, including Christmas. That means decorating a VERY small space to prepare for both Santa’s visit and our Elf on the Shelf, Fozzie. I packed a small container with ornaments chosen by the boys and a few other essentials in our traveling garage (the bed of the truck). Callum and I painted a couple palm stem thingies we found on a hike in Georgia into reindeer faces (eat your heart out Pinterest). And then I left them out overnight in the rain and the tempura paint washed away (Pinterest fail). I think the decorations came out quite well and the boys declared our tiny tree the Best Little Christmas Tree Ever.

When we made the Bay Bayou reservations we were leary. The person taking our reservation made sure to stress that there was nothing for kids to do and that we’d have to shadow them everywhere—definitely felt like I was being dissuaded from staying there (with kids). I figured it might be a bunch of grouchy snowbirds. But the price was right—you get quite the discount when you stay somewhere for a solid month—and it was only 20 minutes from Grandma. We were all super happy to learn that it was a close knit community of the friendliest snowbirds we’d encountered who were nothing but warm and welcoming. While there was no playground, there was the MOST awesome pool, heated and huge. We spent most days there for at least a dip. And Ice Cream Social Sundays were a hit. Callum and I even went Christmas caroling with the neighbors (where I learned that communities of snowbirds are like an older version of crazy spring breakers—taking about doing shots and whooping it up. Ha!). We’d go back to Bay Bayou in a hot second…and just might do that next winter!


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