December in Tampa, FL – Part 3


With a fully decorated Airstream and last minute Amazon Prime orders (I was gifted a Prime membership by a dear friend…how I ever lived without it for so long I’ll never know!!) stacking up at Grandma’s we were ready for Santa to make his appearance!


We spent Christmas Eve poolside before heading home to cook dinner and watch Elf (because Will Ferrell…and SANTA!!!!!!! I KNOW HIM!!!!!). It was a fun, lazy day spent together. Before climbing in bed (actually, this was AFTER they were in bed and Quinn yells in one long breath “OhmygoshweforgotcookiesforSantaandcarrotsforthereindeer!!!!!!” I couldn’t believe we forgot—doh!) we put out some cookies and milk and carrots, OCD-illy arranged on a plate, for the reindeer. Like many families, we have a tradition of reading The Night Before Christmas to the boys on Christmas Eve. This year Callum decided HE would like to read it to us. Yes please and thank you!

Once the boys were all snuggled down for the night and all possible white noise creators were adjusted to a din akin to that of a Boeing 747, Santa came and worked his considerable magic. That guy…he deserves a pat on the back fo shizzle.

Christmas morning was great! The boys were pleased with their haul and we had some bacon and cinnamon rolls (obviously) for breakfast.

In the afternoon we went to Grandma’s to do Christmas with my family in 80 degree weather, poolside. So weird. We were able to FaceTime with Shannon’s family and the other half of my family in the afternoon. The following day Grandma’s beau came in to town and made us a traditional English dessert (some kind of delicious cake-thing you light on fire) and brought crackers (little bags filled with a crown and a treat you “crack” apart). It was a great Christmas celebration!


Gift giving/receiving when your house is 240 square feet is…um…interesting. We let the boys make their short Christmas Lists for Santa (want, need, wear, read and 1 really special thing) and we filled in around them. Shannon and I haven’t exchanged Christmas gifts since the boys came along, so that helped keep down the level of “stuff” filling up the Airstream. The boys got GREAT stuff they can use (bike bags and headlights/tail lights, reusable Camelbak water bottles, games, binoculars, books, gift cards, clothes to replace some old clothes, LEGO minifigures, Minecraft blind boxes) and somehow we fit it all in. OK, we did make a couple trips to the Goodwill before we left Tampa.


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