Space Coasting right along…

On New Years Day our silver space shuttle launched from the Tampa area and touched down without incident at our…decent…campground near Kennedy Space Center on the east coast of Florida.

We stayed at Manatee Hammock County Park and for the most part it was fine. It had a beautiful waterfront area and a great dog run (but the huge dog run was waterfront…would have been prime campsite property!). Our site was pretty wonky, super close to our neighbors and next to a major road and train tracks…very noisy. There were MUCH nicer spots for sure. Strangely we didn’t get any pictures of our actual campsite but did catch a few from the waterfront area…and the beer section in the local Publix. Priorities.

We were super excited to hang with a couple Airstream families we met through the Great and Powerful Uniter of Likeminded People (Instagram) and to hit up the Space Center. Also during this visit was my first ever Homeschool Review. In the state of Maryland, under an Umbrella like ours, you have 2 reviews your first year homeschooling and 1 review at the end of each year thereafter.

During the week we got to know some fellow Airstreamers and their awesome kids. One family had 2 younger girls with oodles of imagination and moxie. Amazing that the age difference almost doesn’t matter at all when traveling…the kids are learning to interact with all different ages. Quinn and Cal are more than happy to get dirty and create imaginary worlds, including the exclusive Activity Club (which serves clams and bananas for lunch—barf) made from palm leaves and branches under a tree. We also met a family (minus mom…still have to hang with mom!) with two fun and funny boys a little older than Q & C. As is usually the case, the younger were in awe of the older…especially with their Minecraft skillz. We felt an instant friendship, beyond simply traveling in an Airstream, with both families…an easiness. So now I’m slowly amassing a list of families to recruit to live on some picturesque street in a cool, secular-homeschool-friendly, warm, walkable, culture-rich town once everyone settles back into a house-house. Creepy? I’ve been called worse. Just look at all these awesome kids! You’d want to keep in touch too!


Pizza and movie night…which was also moonshine and key lime pie night for the grownups. This is in order of oldest to youngest. J’s side-eye is totally killer.


2 thoughts on “Space Coasting right along…

  1. Really enjoying reading this site! Fantastic! Planning on doing the same with my family of 4. I have a couple questions that I’d love to add to your FAQ list (I hope this is the right venue for asking!)

    I’d love to know your experience with internet… what setup you have, how you have been finding getting onto existing wifi…
    Also curious as to whether you have experience with camping when the temp drops… like in the 30s or 20s? Is that even possible with regards to the water lines etc on the Airstream?

    Thanks in advance!


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