Space Coasting to a close…

To close out our week on Florida’s space coast, Shannon took the boys to the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum just up the road from our campground in Titusville, FL, while I prepped for and had our first homeschool review.

What started as an inexpensive way to get the short, boisterous humans out of my hair for a couple hours and give me some peace and focus, turned out to be a surprisingly fascinating 4 hours spent studying military aircraft, memorabilia and history from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and more. The volunteers working that day were excited to impart their considerable knowledge to a group of 3 wide eyed boys (of various ages) and, in effect, gave them a private tour of the entire facility including some of the lesser known stories of each plane.

Definitely worth a visit if you’re on the Space Coast. The museum is part of a pretty impressive airshow each March. And if you’ll be arriving by air in, say, your own little Piper or Cessna, you can land right in their airfield. Convenient!


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