Space suits off. Mouse ears on.

Does it really matter that we’ve been to Disney once a year for the last 5 years? No, it does not. There is always time for the financial hemorrhage that is Disney. Plus, we’d never “camped” at Disney, so it sort of qualified as our first time. Right?


So, yes…we stayed at Fort Wilderness for 10 days (it was supposed to be 6 but we just kept adding days and adding days and…). It was glorious. Level, paved, immaculate, roomy sites. Blazing fast wifi (use All The Internet!!!). And to add to the awesomeness of Disney, Grammy and Pop met us there in their motorhome. It had been a couple months since the boys had seen Gram and Pop so everyone was pretty darn happy.

We gave the boys the option of doing Disney parks again or doing Universal and they chose Universal, without question. They reasoned that they’d done the Disney parks so many times they were kind of bored with them. First world problems. And also–Harry Potter. Universal was very cool…but I think it would have been even cooler for older kids. Quinn and Cal are not thrill ride fans anyway, so it was a bit of a push to get them to ride the 3 and 4D stuff (which is like 90% of the 2 parks). Both kids agreed that the Simpsons ride was their favorite with the Minions ride was their close second.

The Harry Potter theming was un-freaking-real. It was exactly how I’d pictured Diagon Alley (because who doesn’t picture themselves chillin’ with Hagrid in Diagon Alley!?). And Olivanders Wand Shop? Fab!! The boys vacillated between having a blast and being frustrated to tears (OK, that was just one of them) trying to do the spells with their million dollar wands. I loved the butter beer but the boys weren’t as enamored. Shan and I couldn’t get Q & C to ride Escape From Gringotts, but we rode it and it was off the hook! Definitely my favorite from both parks. We paid lots extra to be able to ride the Hogwarts Express and it was a bit disappointing. I didn’t know it was only a movie you watched out the windows. All in all, we enjoyed our days at Universal, but I’m pretty sure we all prefer Disney Parks. We’ve already promised the boys we’d do Disneyland when we get to Cali since we clearly haven’t given enough of our money to the Disney machine yet.

We really enjoyed catching up with Gram and Pop and the boys got to have a sleepover in their RV while Shan and I enjoyed a date night at Disney Springs for our 15th anniversary.

The @upintheairstream crew drove over to Disney to hang with us another night and dad took over my tiny kitchen, lamenting my lack of garlic press. The four boys let their minds turn to pudding on the iPads for a bit and then a rousing game of Scrabble was played on the wall-to-wall carpet we refer to as “dog hair”. We also got the chance to meet up with another full-time Airstream family (@big_big_trip and @big_big_trip_anna) that we’ve been “friends” with on Instagram for a while. They have a son a little younger than Callum and they hit it off immediately. There was tie-dying and swimming till dark for the 2 younger kids. Us moms (we moms?) got to meet for drinks and close down the Hitching Post (or whatever the bar at the campground is called…Hitching Post sounds good though, right?). I just love it when people I *think* we’ll gel with from social media interactions end up being just as cool as we’d hoped. We already have plans to meet up with this fab fam again to see if our matching Airstreams float.


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