Panama City, FL—beautiful beaches, delicious donuts.

You know, it’s probably smart just to start with the donuts and get this out of the way. They were insane. And the kolaches (first I’d heard of such a thing..I think it’s pronounced “koh-lah-tchee”?) were equally insane. Please, for the love of everything sticky and sweet, if you find yourself in Panama City Beach, do yourself a favor and hit up Thomas’ Donut and Snack Shop and get donuts (all the donuts) and the sausage and cheese kolaches and go across the street to the beach. Park your fanny in the sand and stuff your face while staring at the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. I guarantee happiness with this recipe. It was so good we parked the Airstream across the street for one last indulgence on our way out of town.

Alright, back to business. We lucked out and snagged a spot at St. Andrews State Park in Panama City for a week. Great place. Highly recommend the waterfront sites—some are to-die-for, with private kayak launches. I think I would have felt differently about the campground had we been stuffed into an interior site (though SOME of them were quite nice). You can bike to the gorgeous beaches right from your site. The bathhouses are fantastic (important when we don’t have sewer hook-ups since we take all our showers in the bathhouse—see FAQs if this makes no sense). The park has an interesting history including time spent as a World War II harbor defense installation and the home of a Norwegian sailor who shipwrecked on the shores and decided to stay put and solitary homestead near his boat’s remains for 25 years until he died in 1954.

St. Andrews is a VERY busy campground…I don’t think we saw one empty site any day we were there. There was an excellent entomology Ranger Program the boys and I attended where we learned what bugs are safe to eat and we ATE THEM TOO! Pretty sure I scored mom points by eating bugs. Or just crazy points. Either way, points were scored. It’s also bikeably (?) close to the most gorgeous beaches! Talk about fine, white sand.

While we were in Panama City we met two awesome families we had connected with on Instagram. The first was a full-time-couple-to-be from the northeast who we met at The Wicked Wheel restaurant. They run a sweet hauling company (Hotshot Hauling) and are planning on a Capri truck camper for their full-time RV home. The second was another full-time Airstream family and their two unbelievably cute little girls. I have to say, I was very impressed with how well my big guys played with a toddler—doing anything silly to get a giggle out of her. 🙂 Again…more social on the road than in a suburban ‘hood. Weird.

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