Getting in to Texas…

February 19-22

Left NOLA and continued west into Texas towards a small state park called Sea Rim. It’s right on the water and I knew it would be beautiful. After getting off highway 10 and heading toward the shore, the area became…erie? Gargantuan oil refineries, one after the other, greeted us with parking lots full of cars (trucks, they were all pickup trucks, we’re in TX) and not one human being in sight. It was as if those colossal beasts with pipes like tentacles reaching miles had just swallowed everyone whole. Once we left the oil refineries behind it was miles and miles (and miles) of what I assume the world will look like after the zombie apocalypse. Nothingness. Part fascinating, part “are all the doors locked?!”

We arrived at the park to very kind rangers and just one (the least appealing, of course) campsite left. That was OK since we’re still thinking this place will be great! And the first night was fine…cold and very windy but the beach was pretty and we knew we’d spend some time on it the following day. The next evening we realized why the wind was wonderful gift from Mother Nature and not a nuisance. Because mosquitoes. Like a biblical plague, they swarmed, everywhere. It was like nothing we’d ever experienced. The Florida Everglades had nothing on this master level of mosquitoes. Taking Vader for a potty break at 10pm was a mistake and Shan and I were up until well after midnight killing mosquitoes…they came in on my clothes, on my hair, on his fur and stuck all over my skin like the little vampire devils they are.

The next day, a day early, we left. As fast as we could. We found a lovely and massive park (Texana Park and Campground, part of this hugged recreation complex) to stay the night and there was sun, a beautiful lake, lush grass, herds of deer, great hammock trees and NO MOSQUITOES. Also…I gave the boys haircuts for the first time. I had fun, they hated it. I only drew a teeny bit of blood. But they looked so handsome!

After only one day, we were off like a herd of turtles and on to good times with Airstream friends.




4 thoughts on “Getting in to Texas…

  1. We stayed at Sea Rim for one day on our Maiden voyage taking our 2001 30′ Airstream home to San Diego from Mississippi in July 2015. Lucky at that time of year we did not experience any mosquitos. We were fortunate to snag the best spot at the park, on the beach side next to the walkway to the sand. The beach was not near as pristine as Ft. Pickens campground near Pensacola or St. Andrews campground in Panama City, but we did have an enjoyable 18 hour stay. Probably would not go back though.

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  2. They’re there. The people. A lot of them are in control rooms. I used to work in a Texas chemical plant while in college. Much of the stuff you can actually see is also more for storage so doesn’t have to be visited that much. The inner machinery has the actual manufacturing.

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