Fredericksburg (& Austin)


We didn’t plan on going to Fredericksburg, but some Airstream friends raved about it. So, since we can, we changed course and headed to wine country. We’re SO glad we did. It’s the PERFECT town for a girls weekend (keep that in mind ladies!!). We stayed at the Ladybird Johnson Municipal Park Campground, which gets 2 thumbs up. It’s right next to a tiny (surprisingly quiet) airport and we got to see small jets take off and land. Apparently there’s a hangar-turned-restauraunt there that’s supposed to be excellent. The park was simple and you back in to extra long sites and are butt to butt with a camper behind you. A little weird having our back window 4 feet from someone else’s but that puts your curbsides opposite each other…so a little privacy. Ish. Lots of green space here as well. We had a decent front yard.


The historic town of Fredericksburg was our first western town that had that extra wide main drag where cars (oh, who am I kidding…pickup trucks) park at angles all the way up and down the street. That just strikes me as so western. Lovely old buildings and homes, quaint shops and restaurants and wineries as far as the eye can see. Swoon. We spent a day in the gorgeous old library doing school and reading while Shannon worked.

There’s an unbelievable museum in F’sburg…maybe Shannon’s and my favorite so far (a bit boring for the boys—tons of reading and not much interactive). It’s the National Museum of the Pacific War and it’s absolutely, positively not to be missed. We’ve learned SO much about the wars our country has been part of along this journey. So much we didn’t know.

During our stay we hit up the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park and the LBJ Ranch. I had no idea that LBJ was such a huge proponent of eradicating racial inequality and poverty…fighting for education, healthcare, consumer protections, environmental issues and funding for the arts. Oh boy could we use LBJ back at our country’s helm again.  -_-  The ranch is still in operation and is run by Park Rangers and volunteers. What a cool workamping gig that would be! There were hundreds of heads of cattle and lots of adorable new babies! The tour of LBJ’s Texas White House was fantastic. We had an amazing Park Ranger as our guide who knew EVERYTHING about this man. The boys loved the airplane and the historic cars in the garage. They completed their Junior Ranger workbooks, got sworn in and received yet another badge.

As a grand finale to our time in F’sburg, we visited Luckenbach (a nearby…town? Village?) to check out the picking circle. Interesting place. A bunch of local musicians gather around picking on their banjoes, guitars and fiddles. There’s a full bar and a snack stand where you can get some dinner, picnic tables, a fire pit and places for kids to roam. There’s also a shop selling cowboy hats. Of course. We didn’t stay long but it was worth the visit.

Then there’s Austin. Austin is in parentheses because while we WENT to Austin, we didn’t actually “do” Austin. The short story is…10 years ago I blew a disc and had a partial discectomy. Fast forward to a few months ago and I tweaked by back out vacuuming the camper and it got pretty bad. My old surgeon suggested someone in Austin for an evaluation. Xray showed the remainder of the disc is gone, bone on bone, and he says I need spinal fusion surgery. I say “no thanks, bye!!!” Stubborn. We were in Austin during SXSW so there was no going in to the city. Instead we met some fabulous fellow Airstreamers: @oursomedayisnow (who we met up with again and are parked next to us as I type!). We spent our days trying out the stuff in REI, enjoying our first Whataburger and In-and-Out experiences, swimming in a near-freezing pool, getting expert side-eye from the almost 10 year old and spending our retirement in The Container Store. Back’s feeling better.

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