West Texas: Seminole Canyon


It was finally time to leave civilization behind and head west…real west. This is the part of our adventure we were looking forward to most. We were going somewhere with a landscape completely foreign to us…AND we were going to camp without hookups and give our little bitty solar another workout. Fist bump.


First up was Seminole Canyon State Park right on the Mexican border. It’s a gorgeous, and apparently not very well known, campground with unbelievable views. There’s an upper loop with partial hookups and a lower loop with no hookups. We chose lower and had a huge spot. After settling in, we took a hike down to a canyon overlook. Never having traveled away from the east coast, it was hard to imagine landscapes like this…spectacular.

On the second day we took the Ranger led Fate Bell Shelter hike down into the canyon to see 7000 (!!!!) year old Native American pictographs. Really put our existence in this world in perspective.

We rounded out our short stay at Seminole with meeting some other fabulous Airstreamers.


So happy to have made the stop in Seminole for a few days.

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