3/26 – 3/30/17

New Mexico!! After 5+ weeks in Texas we were finally into a new state! First stop? Brantley Lake State Park near Carlsbad Caverns National Park. The campground was great! We snagged a spot with a lake view and a great picnic shelter that was perfect for holding 2 hammocks. Shannon got some work in and after the boys finished school we spent the afternoons making friends at the playground. They met a buddy, Lucas, who was camping with his family in a seriously cool camper-van for spring break and they were all instant friends.

A visit to Carlsbad Caverns was pretty high on our must-see list and we figured it would be pretty cool. It was cooler than cool. It was ice cold. Or something. We took the long way in (the “Natural Entrance”—a 1.25 mile hike winding down, down, down 1000+ feet into an inky underground abyss) and the easy way out (the elevator!). Unfortunately we were a little too early in the season to see the big Bat Flight Program which was a bummer—I love bats (for real). But the caverns themselves were unreal.

Next up…alien invasion.  -_-

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