West Texas: Big Bend…Yuuuuge Bend


3/16 to 3/22/17 Wow Big Bend. Just wow.

We stayed at Big Bend RV Resort in Terlingua, TX and it was…a dust parking lot. But it had electric and we needed the a/c as it was about 100 degrees all week. I don’t care if it’s a “dry heat”…that’s still too hot. And since we only had a 30amp hookup, we could only run one air conditioner, making it pretty stuffy in the “house” for the week.


Big Bend is named after the big bend in the Rio Grande River, but it’s also just a BIG park.  A yuuuuuge park. I wish our time here was slightly cooler for exploring, but we did quite a bit of poking around and hiking. The first hike (and probably my favorite so far in this adventure of ours) was the Santa Elena Canyon trail along the Rio Grande. Unbelievable. And at the end of the hike we got to wade into (and cross—Hi Mexico!!) the river to cool off.

Big Bend is so huge that we put 300 miles on the truck just driving around the park. There were so many scenic (and bumpy) dirt roads to explore. So many different and spectacular views. We did a short hike into the natural hot springs to take a dip…but it was 100 degrees outside and the springs were WAY too hot. So, back into the Rio Grande we went for a good swim.

The last hike we did was to balanced rock. It was a HOT, HOT hike but we made it up a good rock scramble to get some pics under the famed rock.

We got a chance to explore the Terlingua area…interesting (strange) place. We walked through a ghost town and old cemetery, ate at The Starlight Theatre (most delicious) and La Kiva (shockingly expensive and awful service but interesting venue). Big Bend also had a really nice dinosaur exhibit to tour.

While it was oppressively hot during our week at Big Bend, it still sunk right in to our souls. What a place. We will definitely go back and explore more…during a cooler time of year!







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