Kitschy Roswell.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect out of Roswell, New Mexico. I hadn’t read much about it. But I was sure we were all going to fabricate tin foil hats and make contact with the mother ship (no, not Jackson Center, Ohio, you Airstream sillies).


We stayed at Bottomless Lakes State Park in a first-some-first-serve site that was tucked in the back and had plenty of elbow room. The coolest thing about our stay here was that the friend the boys made back at Brantley Lake showed up here too so the boys got even more play time! The campground was nice but would be more fun if the weather was warm enough to swim in the lake. Also, there was this interesting theme in the area…”send nudes”. Can you see there…how someone painstakingly put the effort forth to spell out SEND NUDES on that beach? It was big enough for…who, the aliens(?) to see on their way to earth. And the other one was spelled out in the craft section at Target. No wonder alien life forms just pass us by…  -_-



So…Roswell. As a small town, I’m sure it’s quite lovely. As a bucket list place to visit it was meh. We went to the International UFO Museum and Research Center. There was lots to read and it was fairly interesting. Ish. I guess we’ve gotten really used to wow-factor museums because the cut-out newspaper articles in craft store frames, tacked to the portable walls just seemed shabby? I dunno. I just expected seriously cool alien invasion stuff and it seemed more shabby-kitsch.

The seriously awesome highlight of our stay was dinner at Big D’s Downtown Dive. It was DELICIOUS!!! If you catch yourself in Roswell, go!

While we didn’t make contact with the mother ship, have an alien encounter or get to put our tin foil hats to work, I’m glad we passed through Roswell. Had we not gone, I always would have wondered if it was awesome. Now I know.


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