White Sands. Sledding, Missiles and Wine.

While we were disappointed with our lack of alien contact in Roswell, we were NOT disappointed with the alien landscape of White Sands, NM!


We were lucky to snag a campsite on the White Sands Missile Range for the week with a picnic shelter, an amazing view and a huge, grassy playground. It was a great home base from which to explore both White Sands National Monument and Las Cruces, NM. I knew we’d drive in to White Sands to go sledding, but the boys were SO enamored by it that they went three times during the week. They studied and learned about the Monument and completed their Junior Ranger work to earn a badge. The gypsum dune fields are completely otherworldly. Quinn & Callum sledded down the hills and rolled, dug and laid in it. Even though the sun was warm, the sand (gypsum) stayed cool to touch and felt so good. On our way to our campground we towed the Airstream right in to the park and set up camp or a few hours of sledding and picnicking. And a camel meeting.

During our time here we also went to the White Sands Missile Range Museum which showcases an impressive display of various missiles and drones outside and a fascinating look at military history inside. And Darth Vader’s real helmet.

We dug the vibe in the town of Las Cruces (and Old Mesilla Village). We had a yummo meal at La Posta de Mesilla and I even got a ladies night out at St. Clair Winery & Bistro (their Cab-Zin was soooo good!) with an insta-turned-real-life-friend whose family  traveled in their RV for a few years. Not a bad week in southern New Mexico!


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