Life is like a box of chocolates.

April 30 to May 3, 2017

After spending not near enough time in Colorado, we launched into a new state…a state we were psyched to enter for all the off-grid, FREE boondocking in these spectacular locations we’d seen so much of on Instagram. UTAH!


Our first stop in Utah was at Goosenecks State Park, a tiny little park perched on a 3-sided cliff with insane, otherworldly views all around. Feeling brave, we towed (on what should be a 4-wheel drive road only) out beyond all the sane people and parked our house right on the edge of that cliff. It was a little nerve wracking, but too beautiful not to try. Vader was super interested in the very edge.



During our stay we drove through the Valley of the Gods to see these incredible rock formations standing so tall. Lots of boondocking there, but some pretty tough roads to navigate with a 30′ Airstream, so I’m glad we landed were we did. There were loads of tenters and truck camper as well as some smaller trailers that had pretty epic free campsites so if you can fit, do it.

We also drove out to Monument Valley which is that amazing road where Forrest Gump ended his running career. “And just like that, mah runnin’ days was ovah.” (<<don’t pretend you didn’t just say that in your best Gump voice.) An excellent introduction to a state we knew we were going to love.



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