Arches and Canyons

May 3 to May 9, 2017

After getting the 411 from InstaFriends Kelly and Marshall of @camp.addict about a newly opened up boondocking site outside Moab, UT we were all in. We towed our 30′ home over 5-ish bumpy miles of dirt road to find our best boondocking spot yet. We tucked in behind a mountain of rocks with loads of privacy, perfect sunset views and great imagination potential for the boys.

We were really looking forward to Arches National Park and it did not disappoint (truly no National Park has disappointed). It was hot, but we filled our backpacks with water and went for a few pretty grand hikes to see…arches. What a landscape…closest thing to Mars maybe? Of course Quinn & Cal completed their Junior Ranger work and earned their badges.

A good amount of time was spent right at our gorgeous campsite. We thought we might stay a couple days but ended up staying almost a week. We did make it into the town of Moab a couple times and ate at a fantastic restaurant, The Spoke on Center. What a cool town with lots of funky shops and restaurants. We’re not into 4-wheeling, off-roading or dirt bikes, but it’s PARADISE for anyone who is.

Close by were a few spots where we could see dinosaur prints, not in a museum, but still in the ground where that particular dinosaur ACTUALLY stomped. WHOA. We visited the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite where we happened upon a National Park archeologist and got a pretty cool history lesson on the dinosaur tracks we saw. Afterwards, we took the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Bone Trail where you could see so many different bones preserved in the rock. Finally we took a short hike to the Copper Ridge Dinosaur Tracksite to see huge sauropod footprints. Seeing ancient prints preserved under perfectly engineered lighting systems in civilized, air conditioned museums is great…but this? Hanging out where the dinosaurs did and SEEING the evidence they left behind? Unreal.

Finally, we took a ride to Canyonlands National Park to see some…canyons. This was a short day trip full of driving and stopping for pictures of canyon vistas that went on forever (and the boys were sure to complete their Junior Ranger work for that badge!).

Not a bad start to our National Park time in Utah…which, all told, would be fairly epic.


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