Who, me?

Oh. Well, I’ll tell you about all of us.

I’m Brea (that’s brAY-uh)…a self-depricating 40-something with a degree in MassComm (AKA: likes-to-talk-a-lot-and-organize-stuff) and a career in financial marketing.

I’m a textbook Taurus. Completely ADD. I like loud music, preferrably with a generous helping of thumping bass but also classical and alt rock and bluegrass (more banjo and fiddle please). I’m 100% NON-athletic. I’m creative…sometimes. I read. A lot. I Netflix binge. I love the outdoors except when it’s too hot or too cold.

I’m married to a genius whom I met on a blind date. Via the internet. And he didn’t kill me. He’s an engineer of some sort. There are computers involved. And he can fix ANYTHING. And he’s cute. And tall. His name is Shannon (you see the Irish theme here?). He’s the introvert to my extrovert, the left-brain to my right-brain, the thinker to my talker, the yin to my yang, the Ross to my Rachel (though I’m decidedly more Phoebe).

We have 2 terrifying and adorable boys, far too close in age. Quinn is 9. He’s the old soul–the introvert(ish)–voracious reader–Minecrafter–Lego-obsessed–bossy big brother–worry wart–sweetness and snuggles, even still. Callum is 8–the extrovert–always moving–independent–hugs and kisses–annoying little brother–Minecrafter–Lego liker. Somehow both boys got dad’s math gene AND my artsy gene.

Then there’s Vader, our 5 year old black lab, who is just as much a part of this family as any of us hoomans. We found him on Craigslist when he was 7 months old…someone didn’t want him. Fools. Actually, in their defense, a 7 month old lab ain’t no joke. Chewing and destroying things is their hobby. We were experienced in this department though. And he’s SO perfect for our family and is the BEST camping buddy ever. He’s loved and then some.

We started out 15 years ago with a little brick townhouse that we flipped after 2 years of renos. Then we had a lovely cape cod in northerm Maryland on a few acres that we completely overhauled and recently sold to move in to our 30 foot Airstream Flying Cloud bunk model. Fo realz. From 2400 square feet to 200 square feet. So, we downsized. And we’re roadschooling the kids and traveling the country, working remotely, seeing and experiencing the things others are reading about in their textbooks. At least that’s the hope. Maybe we’ll hate it after a while, come home and pretend it never happened. Maybe we’ll love it and keep going indefinitely. Maybe we’ll find a funky little town on some other state and put down some roots. We shall see.

So that’s us.