Padre Freaking Island, ya’ll!

Words will not convey the absolute awesomeness of our almost 3 day boondocking adventure on the beach at Padre…but lemme try. Watch me verbally whip and nae nae all over this page about it.


We have the teeniest bit of solar on our Airstream…just enough for some lights, but that was enough for us (for now…more solar to come). We were goin’ boondocking gulf-front with Airstream friends who are seasoned boondockers and whose son my kids adore. So many wins.

Met up with @big_big_trip and @big_big_trip_anna at Texas’s Padre Island National Seashore visitor center and the dad’s reconnoitered the beach front looking for THE spot while the moms and kids fetched the Junior Ranger supplies. Then is was four wheeling time…towed out onto the beach…swung a couple impressive U-ees and settled in.

Now, cue a Peter Pan’s Lost Boys/Neverland song. The three boys immediately shed all sense of couth and devolved into the wildlings they are at heart. It was brilliant watching imaginations and creativity come alive for them with sand and sticks and freedom just 20 feet from the water. The grownups had wine, beer, conversation and relative peace while the boys kept each other busy. We even got to celebrate O’s birthday beachside with cake and ice cream and candles (that we had to pretend were lit–wind).



Discussing the organization and bylaws of the #over40beardedhunkclub. That’s their flag.

OK, so there were a couple minor downfalls of this spectacular two/three day stay. Washing my hair in a bucket outside was not one of them. The sand was. “Well, duh” you say. But it’s unreal how the sand creeps into every crack and crevice…and not only the cracks and crevices on bodies. Resting your weary head on a pillow covered in sand is less than cozy. Also…the wind. One day was SO windy we had to sit behind the campers to be able to talk and not get sand in our mouths/eyes. And lastly…there was a wee little bit of a tide issue. Fickle Mother Nature had ideas other than what the weather channels and the rangers had. Once the tide came up and started washing our patio mat away, there was a MAD dash to batten the hatches and tow the hell off the beach one night early.

It was sad to say goodbye to friends as we were headed in opposite directions and weren’t sure when we’d meet again. After doing this for almost 7 months, if someone asks me what the hardest part of RV living and full-time travel is, I can honestly say it’s leaving new found friends. Luckily our homes have wheels and we’re already plotting our next path crossing.

Big fat cheers to camping beach-front on Padre Freaking Island. If you get a chance to do it…do it.