5 year old miracle…

Five years ago at 11:15am I was taking my sweet time getting ready to go the hospital.  I had been in early labor for about 24+ hours by that time but since I had braxton-hicks since week 12 (no lie), I didn’t really know the difference.  I thought my water might have broken a little that morning so I called the hospital and they wanted me to come in to get checked since it was only one day before my due date.  Called my doula and she said, “wait…slow down…eat, take a long, hot shower, rest, eat again, watch some TV, read, eat and get to the hospital when you’re ready…and I’ll meet you there.”  Called Shan and he said, “Go! Now! Hurry! Meet ya there!”  I listened to my doula and left poor Shan pacing the grounds of GBMC.

By 3pm I was admitted and set up in my fancy room sans IV…just a hep lock.  How freeing not to be tied to stuff!  Shan and my doula, Holly, were with me.  Soft music, dim lights, snacks, massages, walking the halls, bouncing on the birthing ball.  By about 9:30pm I was fully dilated and ready to rock.  What I find funny is when the nurses tell someone who’s having an unmedicated birth to not push.  Like, “Not yet, let us get set up!”  That argument doesn’t hold up when nature takes over…which it did.  Fairly certain I said, “I hope someone’s going to catch this baby!!!!” as I gave in and let my body take over.  It was incredible, insane, amazing.  My OB said to me at one point, “you know, you’re allowed to make noise.”  I suppose I was just concentrating so hard, I never made noise.  45-ish minutes of pushing and I hear the OB say, “his heart rate’s dropping, he needs to come out now”.  One push and one minute later, out he came.  Blue.  He had the cord wrapped around his neck twice.  I never saw it (thank goodness) but Shan did and paled.  But after some rubbing and some oxygen, he was squealing.

Our perfect, hard-fought-for miracle boy.  3 rounds of clomid (useless stuff), 4 IUIs and 3 IVFs and my little ICSI pixie was here.


Quinn Patrick.


Our introspective, thoughtful, perfectionist, wildly imaginative, analytical, structured, reflective and innovative little engineer-to-be.

My sweet, 5 year old INTJ…giving his ENFP Mama a run for her money.

We love you Quinny…more than you will ever know.

Baby’s First Halloween


Yeah! Baby’s first Halloween! Unfortunately, Shan and I are missing most/all of it. Shan will pick him up just in time to drop him in a bath and put him to bed and I’m working late. But I dropped off his hysterical peacock costume at my in-laws and they’ll do show and tell with him today. Next year we’ll head back to the old neighborhood for Halloween…they REALLY do it right!