Health Insurance on the road


I’ve had many experiences that prove to me how important it is to have health insurance. If we’re not working full-time remotely on the road for a company that offers employer subsidized health insurance, we better figure something else out, right?

Well, after an eye-opening call with RVer Health Insurance, a broker specializing in health insurance for full-time RVers, we have an answer. Or at least some potential options and answers. We’re now thinking that upon moving into the RV and out of the TEXAS-TX-FLAGsticks & bricks (S&B) we’ll be changing our state of domicile to Texas (yeehaw!) in order to purchase some pretty rockin’ health insurance that’s mobile-lifestyle-friendly. The change to Texas will also benefit us in mail-forwarding and roadschooling ways as well (more to come on that). I can’t even imagine us as Texans. At all.

Plenty more research to be done, but so far, my money’s on RVer Health Insurance and their awesome options.