How Will You Generate Income?

That’s one of the questions we’re asked.

The short answer is…”we dunno.”

The long answer is a work in progress and ever-changing, frankly. I’m in marketing/writing/editing and Shan is in electrical/mechanical/PCB/engineering. Both occupations can pair excellently with living/working remotely on the road. Since we’ll be roadschooling the boys (which will be darn-near a full-time gig in itself) and the purpose behind this adventure is to get out and SEE and EXPERIENCE this country, we’re hoping to snag some part-time gigs.

Surprisingly, full-time RVing is NOT cheap. People like to say “wow, you’re going to save so much money doing that!” I suppose that might be true if we were both keeping our current salaries. But we’re not. In fact, our family income will likely drop by at least 70%. That’s considerable. Gas and campground fees will be hefty (we need some solar power so we can camp for free–boondock), as will health insurance and groceries for growing boys!

If we’re not able to get some part-time jobs in our fields, we’ll likely be workcamping (a free campsite in exchange for work around the campground) and/or travelling to find some short-term contract work for Shan in his field (which is a big thing).

See? Ever-changing.