Roadschool: Fall 2017

Fall semester 2017: June – December

Of the exploring we did this semester, many experiences can be classified under several different subjects. For example, a hike to the lighthouse at Cape Disappointment is Phys.Ed. for it’s health benefits, Social Studies/History as we were exploring the area of the Lewis & Clark journey and Science since we were experiencing west coast natural landscapes unfamiliar to us. To make this page more streamlined I’ve attempted to choose one subject for each activity.  


Quinn 5th Grade — Math Mammoth Grade 4-B & 5-A Worktext 

  • Multiplication and division practice
  • Division: fractional parts, long division, prime numbers, remainder problems, finding factors
  • Geometry: area/perimeter, angles, other shapes
  • Fractions: mixed numbers, adding/subtracting/multiplying fractions
  • Decimals: adding/subtracting decimals, decimals in measuring
  • Mathematical operations: order of operations, simple equations and expressions, long multiplication, long division, divisibility, primes and factoring

Callum 2nd Grade— Math Mammoth Grade 3-A Worktext 

  • Addition & Subtraction Review: ordinal/roman numerals, mental addition/subtraction, regrouping, rounding, order of operations
  • Multiplication Concepts: arrays, number lines, word problems,
  • Multiplication Tables: 1 through 12 and flash cards
  • Telling Time: half and quarter hours, till and past, time to the minute, elapsed time, calendar
  • Money: half-dollar, dollars, making change, mental math and money problems

Language Arts:

Quinn 5th Grade

  • Continued working through Language Smarts Grade 4 Workbook: syllables, word parts, word relationships, spelling, editing, using reference materials, parts of speech
  • Wordly Wise Book 5 – vocabulary development, spelling, reading comprehension
  • Handwriting Without Tears – cursive instruction and practice
  • Friday Free Writes – pick a topic from a list of writing prompts or pick an interesting topic
  • Read daily

Callum 2nd Grade

  • Language Smarts – continued working through the Grade 2 Workbook: vowels & consonants, syllables, word families, parts of speech, editing, writing paragraphs
  • Wordly Wise Book 3 – vocabulary development, spelling, reading comprehension
  • Handwriting Without Tears  – cursive instruction and practice
  • Friday Free Writes – pick a topic from a list of writing prompts or pick an interesting topic
  • Read daily

Social Studies for both Quinn & Callum:

While we were lucky to be able to continue learning about Social Studies topics via the National Park System and its amazing Junior Ranger program and Ranger-led presentations until the end of September, we needed to adjust to meet this need once we were no longer traveling. Using input from Quinn and Callum (and their recent fascination with the Percy Jackson book series based on Greek Mythology), we chose to study Ancient Greece. As for the traveling, wherever you see the Jr. Ranger program listed, know that this generally includes a ranger-led program, a workbook and on-site research work conducted by the kids. In order of most recent to oldest (including summer 2017 learning) studies and experiences, the list is below.




Science for Quinn & Callum:

Both boys completed the Junior Ranger work, took the Junior Ranger pledge and received badges at all the National Parks we visited. The workbooks were full of environmental science lessons including geology, ecology, astronomy, paleontology and so much more. In order of most recent to oldest, our semester of science is below.



  • Solar eclipse viewing glasses mask making
  • Jr. Ranger workbook art

Phys. Ed. 

  • Beach walks in California, Oregon and Washington
  • Hiking in State and National Parks: 24 major hikes (wow!) and many more small/exploratory hikes
  • Snow sledding in summer at Crater Lake National Park


  • Listening to different genres of music and discussing rhythm, beats etc.