Roadschool: Spring 2017

Spring semester 2017: January – May


Quinn 4th Grade — Math Mammoth Grade 4-A Worktext + Multiplication Review Workbook

  • 70 page multiplication review (Math Mammoth) workbook including word problems and order of operations
  • Adding/Subtracting, patterns, graphs
  • Large numbers and place value
  • Multi-digit multiplication
  • Time
  • Measuring
  • Division

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Callum 2nd Grade— Math Mammoth Grade 2-B Worktext & Time Review

  • 40 page clock, telling time, calendar review (Math Mammoth workbook)
  • Three-digit numbers
  • Measuring
  • Regrouping in addition and subtraction
  • Money
  • Intro to multiplication

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Language Arts:

Quinn 4th GradeLanguage Smarts Grade 4 Workbook (syllables, word parts, word relationships, spelling, editing, using reference materials, parts of speech), Handwriting Without Tears, Copywork to practice cursive, Friday Free Writes, Read daily.

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Callum 2nd GradeLanguage Smarts Grade 2 Workbook (vowels & consonants, syllables, word families, parts of speech, editing, writing paragraphs), Handwriting Without Tears for printing practice and beginning cursive, Friday Free Writes, Read daily.

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Social Studies for both Quinn & Callum:

This area has proven easier this semester because of the National Park visits. The Junior Ranger program (as well as the ranger-led presentations) focus heavily on the historic civilizations and the history of the areas we’re visiting. We’ve done an insane amount of activities that fall under the Social Studies umbrella. In order of most recent to oldest, the amazing list is below.

Science for Quinn & Callum:

Both boys completed the Junior Ranger work, took the Junior Ranger pledge and received badges at all the National Parks we visited. The workbooks were full of environmental science lessons including geology, ecology, astronomy, paleontology and so much more. In addition to the National Park’s Junior Ranger programs, we took many science-related field trips. In no particular order, our semester of science is below.


  • Constellation artwork
  • Solar System drawings
  • Creating comics/graphic novels
  • Briscoe Western Art Museum in San Antonio TX featuring local and Native American artwork

Phys. Ed. 

  • Kayaking: Rainbow Springs State Park in Florida
  • Beach walks in Florida and Texas
  • Hiking in State and National Parks: 15 major hikes and many more smaller/exploratory hikes
  • Swimming in the Rio Grande river
  • Sledding the gypsum hills at White Sands NP