The New Baby

You know, I think we’re going to have to name this thing.


Our new-to-us Georgetown 379

We came full circle. This is the first motorhome floorplan that piqued our interest…in the earliest stages of adventure-planning. Also the EXACT motorhome…turns out it was still for sale. We started talking to the owner (again) and everything started moving very quickly. In, what felt like, no time flat we had our airline tickets to Tampa FL to go “see” this baby. We were fairly certain we’d be driving it home. And we did.

What a shakedown trip that was…from just above St. Pete’s in FL to northern Maryland. We sure did work out some kinks including, but not limited to, a massive gushing and terrifying leak in the bathroom shower, entry steps that decided to stop working and the glass turntable inside the microwave flying out and shattering all. over. the. damn. place.

But we made it. He and I are good adventurers together. The kids LOVE it. It has a separate ROOM with bunk beds. Not bunks in the hall, like most. A ROOM (the size of a rather small closet, but still) with a door.

See that triangle? There are bunk beds in there!

See that “walk-in-closet” triangle? There are bunk beds in there!


Shopping for a Class A

Let me tell you about shopping for a used class A motorhome.

It sucks. The end.

OK, some of that is our “fault” since we’ve narrowed down the playing field to 2 models we want. 1st choice is a 2007/8 Tiffin Allegro 35QBA with a FRED chassis (front diesel) if possible, but we’d be cool with the Ford V10. They’re in our price range. Ish. The floorplan is PERFECT. 4 slides, lots of floor space, tons of storage.  The other model we would consider is a Forest River Georgetown 352QS. It’s also a quad slide with just about the same floor plan. From what we read, the Tiffin is the way to go for craftsmanship, reliability and build quality. But my in-laws have a Georgetown and like it very much.

Tiffin Allegro 35QBA Floorplan

Tiffin Allegro 35QBA Floorplan

 Forest River Georgetown 352QS

Forest River Georgetown 352QS

We’d prefer to spend $65,000 or less. The payments need to be manageable until we’re able to sell the house and pay it off. So we’ve found a couple Tiffins we like (or thought we liked).

One deal was GOING to happen. It was in Alabama. We bought the plane tickets. Had the loan. And then he calls to say it won’t start. Well, starting is pretty high on our hierarchy of needs here, so we bailed. Maybe we bailed prematurely, maybe it was an easy fix. But we were freaked. Then there was one in Virginia. We day tripped it down through the joys and pleasures of DC traffic (which is the same on Saturday mornings as it is on Fridays at 4pm–FYI). Seven+ hour round trip for the worst cared for RV I’ve seen. What a wreck. We were embarrassed for the owner (who was not at all embarrassed).

That’s it so far. A couple have popped up in Colorado and California but we’re not in a place (vacation-time-wise) to make the trip back from out west.


Still Dreaming

I wish I knew where the idea originated. One day The Man and I said to each other…”let’s buy a camper”. So, fast as lighting we scoured Craigslist and found a Jayco 23B that looked clean (the owners were upgrading…because that’s what happens when you buy a camper, it’s inevitable) in Binghamton. We drove up, made the deal and towed it back down to Maryland.  It was a GREAT little camper for us. Perfect really.


But then we were compelled to upgrade (it’s what happens, remember?).  So, we upgraded both the camper AND tow vehicle (read: hemorrhage money) and ended up with this setup:


Now, THIS ONE is even perfecter (word) for us. Until it won’t be anymore.

Enter the DREAM. We’ve had plenty of reminders lately (and in the not-so-recent-past too) that life is short and health is fleeting…that if you have a dream, to chase it NOW.  So our dream is to purchase a class A RV (a bus-sized one with bunk beds) and hit the road for a year with our kids.  We’d like to “roadschool” them, see this great country and, if possible, both work part-time from the road too.

Now, let’s see if we can follow our own advice about dream following…